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Godwin Bradbeer


TITLE: Profile in Altered Space 2008 (Cat: 55)
(Photograph by Vicki Pethebridge)

SIZE: 121 x 123cm
Chinagraph, pastel and silver oxide on paper

Start Bid: $7000

Telephone bidding is available on 0403 454 202 or 0417 531 491

Tuesday 3rd Feb, Begins 5:35pm Ends 6:35pm

Text messaging or sms bidding is not available.

Godwin Bradbeer
Artwork courtesy of the artist and James Makin Gallery

Selected solo exhibitions 1990-2008

2008 Soliloquy, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2006 2008 Godwin Bradbeer-The Metaphysical Body, touring to 8 regional galleries
2007 Aspects of the Metaphysical Body Annandale Galleries, Sydney
2005 Godwin Bradbeer - Selected Works, Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2004 Human Shield, MOA Gallery, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Kaywon Arts School & Byuk Kang Hall of Arts, Korea
        -Godwin Bradbeer - selected works, Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Godwin Bradbeer - selected works, Annandale Galleries, Sydney
2001 Man of Paper, Phyllis Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, Bendigo
        -The Vessel of the Self, Photographs 196878, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne
2000 Apologia/Olympia, BMG Art, Adelaide
1999 Apologia, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne
        -Imago, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong
1998 Man of Errors, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
1995 Disegno Interno, BMG Art, Adelaide
        - Fear of Painting, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne.
1994 Empirical Paintings, RMIT Faculty Gallery, Melbourne
1993 The Human Abstract, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
1992 An Illustrators Lullaby, David Ellis Fine Art, Melbourne
1990 Imitation of Light, David Ellis Fine Art, Melbourne

Selected group exhibitions 2000 to 2007

2007 Lux in Tenebris Lucet RMIT Gallery, Melbourne. Installation Drawings and Projected Works with Irene Barberis
       - Keep It In The Ground, Anti Uranium Mining Exhibition, Collingwood Gallery, Melbourne
       - Australian and International Works on Paper, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
       - Bodies and Minds, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
       - Contemporary Australian Drawing 2, John Buckley Fine Art, Melbourne
2007 -2000 The Dobell Prize for Drawing, finalist 7 times
2006 19 Australian Artists, Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, USA
       - Crisis, catharsis and contemplation, St Patricks Cathedral, Melbourne
       - Float, Project Space, RMIT Melbourne
       - 24 Hours Human Centre, Sangmyung University, Je Ju Island, Korea
       - Between Longitude 18 63, Dongduk Gallery, Seoul, Korea
       - The Jacaranda Drawing Prize, Grafton Regional Gallery and touring regional galleries
       - Gong Ju International Arts Festival, Gong Ju Art Museum, Korea
2004 Works on Paper, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong.
       - Male Order, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. NSW
       - The Fifth Australian Drawing Biennale, Australian National University, Canberra.
       - Gong Ju International Festival of Arts, Gong Ju Art Museum, Gong - ju, Korea.
       - The Melbourne Art Fair, John Batten Gallery, Melbourne
2003 Sex and Death, Stephen McLoughlin Gallery, Melbourne
       - Reunion, The Art of Sixteen Graduates, George Paton Gallery, Univ of Melb.
       - Reclaiming the Mainstream, Counihan Gallery,Melbourne
       - Love Letter to China, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, and touring China
       - Works on Paper, Annandale Galleries, Sydney
2002 RMIT Samyung Faculty Exchange Exhibition, Samyung University, Seoul, Korea.
       - Recent Aquisitions, Australian National Gallery Canberra
       - First Birthday Exhibition, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne
2001 Liberty, RMIT Storey Hall Gallery, Melbourne.
       - The Male Nude A Private View, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne
       - Identities, La Trobe University, Bendigo
       - Precieux Paradigms, Westbank Gallery, Australian Academy of Design, Melbourne

(Godwin Bradbeer held 48 solo exhibitions between 1968 and 2000).

The Australian National Gallery, Canberra, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery of South Australia, Parliament House, Canberra and Artbank; La Trobe, Monash, Southern Queensland, Melbourne and RMIT universities; several regional galleries and local government collections; and private and institutional collections in Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, the USA and Europe.