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Anjelie Beyer


TITLE: Puzzle. 2007 (Cat: 64)
SIZE: 100 x 100cm
Oil on canvas

Start Bid: $2,400

Telephone bidding is available on 0403 454 202 or 0417 531 491

Tuesday 3rd Feb, Begins 5:35pm Ends 6:35pm

Text messaging or sms bidding is not available.

Anjelie Beyer
Artwork courtesy of the artist and Art Vault Gallery, Mildura

“While I enjoy abstract design, it is ‘reality’ that most intrigues me. It interests me that art is unreal, while appearing very realistic. Art is a bizarre playground where you can create paintings of paintings. Even when my work is spare, I like it to have attitude, and appear to interact with the viewer. “

Selected Solo exhibitions

2006 Loveheart, an ephemeral sculpture, in Palimpsest: Mungo National Park NSW.
2001 Australia: a lavish show, Mildura Arts Centre, Vic.
1999 Pink Pictures, Les Bagatelles, Melbourne.

Selected group exhibitions

2008 Gallery 25 Deakin, Mildura Vic.
Telling Stories, MREAM Studio, Melbourne
2007 Walker Street Gallery, Melbourne.
Gallery 25 Deakin, Mildura
Flirty Skirty, MREAM Studio
9 x 5, Walker Street Gallery
2006 The Willow Pattern Story, curator and exhibitor, Mildura Arts Centre and Walker Street Gallery
Red, Mildura Arts Centre
Smorgasbord, Red Café Gallery, Wentworth NSW
2003 Painting the Corner, under the auspices of Trust for Nature, Christie’s, Melbourne Palimpsest # 5, Mildura Showgrounds
2001 Palimpsest, Mildura Arts Centre and IPC venue Exhibition of Local Art, Mildura Arts Centre
2000 Palimpsest, Mildura Arts Centre
1998 Palimpsest, Mildura Arts Centre
1997 On our own ground, Mildura Arts Centre (Curator/ MA Thesis).

Awards1995 – 2005

Mildura Show - best exhibit local artist; Ned’s Corner, Mildura Show - best exhibit, rural landscape; Three Stages Rose, Hoechst National Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Melbourne - Grand prize and first prize painting.