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Helen Ponder


TITLE: On the Edge. 2008. (Cat: 31)
SIZE: 50.5 x 66cm
Pastel on Cotton paper

Start Bid: $1050

Telephone bidding is available on 0403 454 202 or 0417 531 491

Tuesday 3rd Feb, Begins 5:35pm Ends 6:35pm

Text messaging or sms bidding is not available.

Helen Ponder
b 1957

When Helen came to me for lessons and showed me her folios, I wondered if I had anything more to offer. Helen had been drawing and painting for years, even taking herself on a journey to Paris France to study at a Masterclass.

Helen had fully recovered from a stroke which afflicted her during the birth of her son, and was concerned that her Drawing skills were affected. It only took a few short exercises for Helen to regain the remarkable confidence seen in earlier work.

Helen captures the essences of nature’s wrath or its haunting stillness with strokes directly and perfectly placed as though the hand connects paper and heart.

In scenes where there is Human presence, a preponderant feeling of remoteness and the vulnerability of both Man and Landscape is evident without explanation of title or text. - Xersa 2008

“This is my first exhibition. These landscapes are from my travels in Australia in 2008 - they are all about remoteness and finding refuge.”

Helen studied life drawing at East Gippsland College of TAFE, then qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Art/Craft) in 1980.


1980 Sir John Monash award for painting.


SEC Union Art Collection.