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Debra Shill


TITLE: Bag Of Bones And Old Wishes. 2007. (Cat: 10)
SIZE: 102 x 82cm
Oil on Canvas

Start Bid: $2200

Telephone bidding is available on 0403 454 202 or 0417 531 491

Tuesday 3rd Feb, Begins 5:35pm Ends 6:35pm

Text messaging or sms bidding is not available.

Debra Shill

“My artworks philosophically capture a visual instance, transporting the viewer through a symbolic lyricism to a more insightful understanding of what it means to be human. Art-making is an opportunity for me to consolidate observations, aspects and realisations about the human condition.”

Selected Group exhibitions

2008 Nowa Nowa Nudes Nowa Nowa Vic.
2007 Bega Buddhist Art Auction
Bega Buddhist Art Auction
1999 Old Bank Gallery, Pambula, NSW.
1997 SEMAG at Bega Regional Gallery.
9 x 5, Phoenix Gallery, Melbourne.


Bilyara Gallery Kalaru, NSW - six stone sculptures and eight stone sculptures
Private collections Victoria and NSW.


1998 Sculpture Prize, Bega Valley Art Awards -first prize.

Commissions 1998 to 2005

Various private commissions for murals and portraits, also boats and private homes in oils and pencil.