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TITLE: Nemesis Watching #2 2008 (Cat: 19)
SIZE: 31 x 41cm
Oil on Canvas

Start Bid: $700

Telephone bidding is available on 0403 454 202 or 0417 531 491

Tuesday 3rd Feb, Begins 5:35pm Ends 6:35pm

Text messaging or sms bidding is not available.

b 1952 Daylesford, Victoria

"For years I have been in love with chiaroscuro and the mythological magic of life. In these works, however, indian red, ochre and french ultramarine have appeared in my palette, being evocative of my love of and attachment to the earth. I draw and paint, with the attitude of Zen, the landscapes and beasts from my imagination. This series of works is inspired by my travels. Flying in particular gives me a different way of seeing life on earth. The layers of different coloured air becoming clearer as we cut through them, soaring higher. The smooth pale brown countryside, punctuated by small patches of brown green forest, seems vacant of life. Then the infinite seas pass under my vessels wing, changing colour in indefinite transition - indigo, blue-green, brown and we approach land again. I sense Nemesis watching!"

Selected solo exhibitions

2007 Studio exhibition, Melbourne
2006 Fundraiser for Trust For Nature, studio exhibition, Melbourne
1997 Art Affairs Gallery, Melbourne
1996 Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne
1993 Artist in Residence exhibition, Eltham Festival, Melbourne
1991,2,3 Blackwood Street Gallery, Melbourne
1990 Fundraiser for the Trust for Nature, Friends of the Earth Gallery, Melbourne 1984-5 Studio exhibition, Melbourne

Selected group exhibitions

2007 The Hidden Faces of The Archibald, Crown Towers Hotel, Melbourne
Conceit -Corangamarah Art Prize, Otway Estate and Winery, Colac, Vic.
2006 Fundraising auction, Friends of the Earth, Melbourne
1994 Save Albert Park 9 x 5 Exhibition, Robert Lindsay Gallery, Melbourne
1993 Dobell Prize, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
1991-6 Metro Craft Centre annual exhibitions, Melbourne
1991 Diamond Valley Art Awards, Melbourne
1976 Dandenong Festival of Music and Art Exhibition, Melbourne
1974 Fundraising exhibition, Glendonald School for Deaf Children, Melbourne
1971 Dandenong Festival of Music and Art Exhibition, Melbourne
1970 BIAE Annual Exhibition, Ballarat, Vic.


2007 The Hidden Faces of the Archibald Prize - finalist
Conciet-Corangamarah Art Prize, Otway Estate Winery, Colac Vic - finalist
1993 Dobell Art Prize, Art Gallery NSW, Sydney - finalist
1991 Diamond Valley Art Award - finalist
1967 Castlemaine Art Gallery Students Exhibition - highly commended.